VPN organization
16 Oct 2016
VPN channels allow companies to operate WAN networks across unlimited distances. There are two types of VPN channels: 1) Those that support data encryption (IPSec, OpenVPN etc.); 2) Those that don’t encrypt data (dedicated lines have to be laid down or GRE tunnels set up etc.) We’ve deployed both types of VPN for Smart-Company and furthermore, a GRE tunnel was encapsulated into an IPSec VPN tunnel, so that data can be transmitted using the main provider’s infrastructure and fall back onto the reserve option if the main channel stops working.
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Video monitoring installation in Sheremetyevo Cargo
15 Jul 2015
Sheremetyevo Cargo is an air service company and to supply security of their delivery system they asked us to create network infrastructure for video monitoring
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Supply Russian client in EU
18 May 2015
The Summa group is a diversified holding operating port logistics, engineering, construction, telecommunications and oil and natural gas assets. The company has operations beyond Russia’s borders. The company managed to make deliveries of equipment to the EU on tight schedule and follow up with consultancy services for the equipment.
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Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization is a technology which support of IT infrastructure more easy go. Migration from server to server will be done by one click. 100% hardware usage with virtualization...learn more
IT Consulting IT Consulting You don't know how to develop your IT infrastructure. IT consulting will help you with your problem. IT consulting will show you all the ways of developing your IT infrastructure, tell you all the benefits of each way. So after consulting you will have all information to make your own decision...learn more
SAN SAN SAN gives you assurance in saving your data and increases efficiency of processing and saving data. SAN is a technology wich gives you opportunity to change disks without turning off the server, high speed data access...learn more